My favorites of 2016

2016 was an amazing year! I moved to Rockford, IL and thought I would have to give up my business...this bothered me so bad, I felt like I was walking away from all the hard work I have put into this business. I mean 900 miles away from my business location, I thought would be impossible to continue with my VA clients. BUT, instead of letting a move defeat me, I made the choice to suck it up and travel, and do it as often as I could! I DROVE from Northern IL to Virginia once every 2 months at LEAST, sometimes more often. What came to my surprise was, every time I came back to Virginia, I was completely booking up!! I have been so blown away by all of the love I've been getting in this business, and how dedicated my clients are. I never knew i'd get so far in such a small amount of time. 

In 2016, I found an amazing group of photographers, a group called "Looks Like Film". A band of photographers dedicated to a style of photography that I didn't even know I "fit in". I submitted an image just to see if it got any attention, and to my surprise it got FEATURED. Featured on the - I literally almost cried. I, at that point, never tried to submit an image to a blog or website before, so it was a big deal to me. The first feature on lookslikefilm is here, below, and the first favorite image of 2016!

My second favorite, is a session I did in August 2016! I had a vision in mind of a soulful portrait session in the water. I immediately asked my GORGEOUS friend Sarah, to model. Literally the next day, we were in the water! With the help of her and my Aunt Dana (as lighting assistant ;), magic happened. Here are two favorites from that day:

Summertime is my favorite time to photograph, especially when it comes to my kids. It allows them to play freely outdoors, while I get to photograph them in their element. I did a challenege over the summer, which honestly, changed the way I photograph completely. I learned SO much about finding my "style" and what I needed to work on. It was called the "Unplugged Summer". The goal was to photograph my kids WITHOUT technology...and to hopefully have a whole summer without being plugged into a screen. At first it was hard, I didn't realize how often my kids were sitting in front of the TV. Eventually I was looking forward to our days and excited about what adventures we would get into! This challenge was a game changer. I literally thank this "unplugged summer" for improving my skill. Here are a FEW of my favorites from the unplugged summer!

Matt and Erin - this session was probably my number ONE hit of 2016. The blog post got more traffic than any of my other posts. This session happened at sunrise and I believe the images speak for themselves ;) 

I've had so many awesome sessions in 2016 its hard to post them all, so here are just a few images from several different sessions in 2016. 

There are SO many more i'd like to include, but for the sake of keeping this a blog post and not an entire gallery, I'll just keep it simple. lol 

Lastly, I HAVE to include my most recent shoot. A shoot I actually did In Rockford, IL! I met a wonderful friend named Ashley Hancock through lookslikefilm Facebook group. She's the owner at Ashley Hancock Photography, and is an AMAZING artist! I asked her to model for me in the snow. The session came out absolutely stunning and im so honored that I was able to put together a DREAM shoot with a dream model. 

And those are my favorite's from 2016! Thank you all so much for viewing! Here's to the excellent things in store for 2017!