Our first week in Illinois has been an entire lifestyle change. We went from living in a large house, to a small apartment, which I had to let go of a lot of things (feel my pain from deep within my soul). Illinois, you are cold, windy, and you have people with funny accents. Except, now I'm the one with a funny accent. No one says "y'all", and I'm trying to be cool and not say it, but "you guys" sounds so stupid. So YALL keeps slipping out lol. My kids aren't used to having to be quiet in their own home, because we've never had to. I'm sure they're very tired of me Shhh-ing them, but we are getting better, MA! The kids were really sad at first, so I got them a cat, her name is Jane. I seriously had the idea that the cat was going to hate us...because its a damn cat, they hate everyone. But Jane is the sweetest cat, and I've never seen a cat so protective of its human siblings. Aspen cries, the cat comes running to see if I've hurt her. Like, "OWNER! Have you hurt my precious hairless sister??? Because if so, you will be suffocated in your sleep!" She's never told me that, but I can tell by her big ass eyes looking into my soul, thats what she means. Our neighbors, aren't very social. They aren't mean or rude here, but coming from a small southern town in VA, I'm used to everyone talking to you no matter who you are. Everyone minds their own here. AND OH, apparently "yes mam" "no mam" and "yes sir" and "no sir" are rude because it implies the person you are saying it to is old. SO SORRY ILLINOIS, I'm working on this too lol. My mother drove it into my skull, and it'll likely never go away. I like illinois though, being out on our own with no one to fall back on, forces me to fall back on my husband and cling. We've grown closer, which is really nice. I'm here with my kids 100% of the time, which may cause me to go insane, but so far I still like them. ;) (I feel like I have to have a winky face to show that it was a joke, because people are cray) 

Anyway, here are some pictures.