Spring Sessions In Virginia

Y'all know my heart is in Virginia. The mountains, old country roads, amazing sweet tea, and that good old "home" feeling. I am so glad I had the opportunity to come to Virginia, and was able to do sessions before returning back to Illinois. I wanted to share with you all just how amazing it feels to capture people that I've been photographing from the start! 

The first session back home was my sweet friend Sarah Stanley's son, Kyle. Senior photos are always so fun to do. Working with just one person is a change from my usual sessions, and allows me to focus on the beauty of the setting. And, man look where we ended up! The twin mountains in Rapidan, VA. What a BEAUTIFUL site! So beautiful that I returned back for another session ;)

Second session was with Melinda and the cutest little kids! They came to my mom's house in Orange, VA, where I've been doing all of their sessions from last year! :D Always a pleasure getting to capture those beautiful babies, and their gorgeous momma! 

And my last session, was such a unique experience! I captured sisters, both pregnant, and only just a few days apart!!! How awesome is that? Kimberly and Krystal are so sweet and I've been documenting their family for a few years now, and it was magical to watch their journey into this pregnancy. 

I hope you love all these! Ill be back soon Virginia! xoxoxo


Kyle Sprouse: 

Melinda Harris: 

Krystal and Kimberly Baker: