Monthly Update - August

Happy August everyone! I'm back in VA again, I've been making this a monthly occurrence! lol Well its great to be back and shooting sessions again! 

So excited to share these images of my BEAUTIFUL friend Sarah! I told her of a vision I had (I have thousands) and she said "ILL DO IT!". Literally that same day, within 2 hours, we were shooting! Sarah rocked out her session and blew my mind away! She was a little nervous (I think) in front of the camera first, but shortly into the session she opened up and enjoyed herself! All she had to do, was be herself and the rest was history! I mean LOOK! Look at these pictures!!! 

Can you say HOLY MUSCLES? *O*   I cannot get enough of these! 

One of the BIGGEST reasons I photograph people, is to show THEM their true beauty. We all forget that we are ALL beautiful, and our bodies need to be celebrated! Take that selfie, that headshot, or go out there and let me photograph you and let me show you how beautiful you truly are! Thats what my new project is about! Body empowerment. Anyone, at any size, at any age, should feel confident and beautiful in their own skin! More sessions like this will be coming soon! Ahhhhhhh! 

Thank you for viewing!