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The Henry Family and Maternity

I’ve been photographing Erin and her family since 2015 and watching them grow has been such an honor. I love returning clients because they get to also experience my growth as an artist as well. I was thrilled when I got an email from Erin asking me if I was interested in photographing her maternity/family session. My true passion since day 1 as a photographer has been to document genuine moments. My goal for every session is to capture those laughs, hugs, and tender moments. As parents we will especially cherish the real smiles and moments that capture the essence of our children.

I hope you all enjoy this session as much as I did.

Erin, Matt and Brielle, as always, it was such an honor to document your family <3

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Cows are a Girls Best Friend

My dear friend Sarah Stanley has become “that crazy cat lady”… except with cows lol


Her love for her babies is so sweet it warms my heart. So when she asked me to photograph her and her cows, I said “OMG YES”. I think it’s important to love creatures, especially “farmed animals” so we can have a better understanding of what that animal is instead of an item on our menu. Cattle are intelligent and super social creatures, so being able to see them as “pets” is such a fun and refreshing point of view. I’m so happy to have captured these! Thank you Sarah for trusting me!


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January 2019 - Personal Blog - Virginia Family Photographer - North Carolina Family Photographer

While editing I came across nearly 1000 images that I have been holding back from sharing with the world. I always get really nervous when sharing my work and putting myself out there. I think “damn are these too ‘creative’, is anyone going to like these?” I tend to play it “safe” with paid sessions, so my personal work is always super dramatic, I have more creative freedom and therefore I feel more fulfilled with personal work. I’ve decided to put this work out there and share it with you all! So my goal this year is to post a monthly update with all my work! It will feature my cute little kids, some weird selfies probably, and my fiance I guess ;) I really hope you all enjoy these! We celebrated my son turning 7 and my daughter turning 5 this month, so you’ll see plenty of donuts featured in this months photos lol (birthday tradition). Please do me a favor and let me know what you think and which image is your favorite!! <3

Love you all,